Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer (ECSE), 4 dagar

Raymond Hendrix (friends call him McGyver for his solution-oriented skills) built over 15 years of experience operating nationally as well as internationally, delivering complex wireless projects. He regularly travels the world to build temporary wireless networks at large events like the Shell Eco Marathons. This wireless passion started in his early years during his career at the Ministry of Defense in the Netherlands where he specialized in Electronic Warfare. He lives with his family in Merselo, the Netherlands.

Raymond CWNE#274 is co-founder and owner at WiFi Wise, the vendor neutral go to company for all wireless solutions. The mission is to rid the world of bad Wi-Fi by supporting organizations with design, setup and improvement of their wireless networks. As an instructor he strives to spread decent Wi-Fi knowledge. Raymond teaches ECSE classes in Dutch and English, mainly in Europe.

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Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer (ECSE), 4 dagar

Ekahau:s ECSE certifiering är en vedertagen bekräftelse på god kunskap inom WiFi samt en garanti för kvalité i leverans av design och site survey arbeten.

Nästa tillfälle: 2019: 21-24 maj i Stockholm

Fokusprodukt: Ekahau ESS Pro

Lärare: Raymond Hendrix

Språk och dokumentation: engelska

Anmälan till: ECSE@7lab.se (Anmälan är bindande)

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